Adam Hoff


About Me

I am an aspring IT professional with a passion for all things technology. I have a strong desire to learn, and a notable attention to detail. My ability to solve problems under pressure makes me an asset for any individual or team oriented work environment. I am a quick learner who grasps new skills and ideas without hesitation. My enthusiasm for the field has driven me to use the best practices throughout all of my work.

On a more personal note, in my spare time I play the guitar and swim. I have been swimming since I was 10 years old and competed at the state level in Virginia for two consecutive years.

My love of video games and tech is what initially peaked my interest in programming. I found myself continuously researching and learning about the different types of technology needed to create something like a computer or a video game. However, the more I learned, the more I figured out I didn't know, and this only made me want to learn more. From learning the different responsibilities of computer hardware to writting my first line of Java during my senior year of high school, I couldn't get enough.

My skills

| HTML5/CSS3 |
| JavaScript |
| jQuery |
| Ruby on Rails |
| AngularJS |
| NodeJS |
| ReactJS |
| MeteorJS |
| Bootstrap |
| CLI |
| APIs |
| Object Oriented Programming |
| Git Workflows |
| Agile Programming |
| Team Collaborating |
| Communication |


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